How Does VPN Work?

How Does VPN Work

Technology has come a long way over recent years, and these days we have become more reliant on both technology and on services such as the Internet. Huge numbers of people go online every day for both work and personal purposes. One of the methods that some individuals and businesses use these days in order to go online is a VPN or Virtual Private Network. A VPN is a network of computers that are connected to one another securely through the internet. The purpose behind a VPN is to increase security for businesses and individuals when it comes to activities such as transferring data. A simple VPN definition would be a virtual private network for your privacy security.


In a nutshell, a VPN works by enabling the connection of two or more computers over the internet via an encrypted connection. Some VPN services are also able to hide your IP address when you are using the internet, which adds an additional layer of privacy. In order to use a VPN, you simply go onto the internet through your usual Internet Service Provider and you can then initiate the VPN through the use of a client or by connecting to a particular server that your business is using.


Of course, you still need to have an Internet Service Provider even if you are using a VPN. This is because your Internet Service Provider gives you access to the internet. Your VPN provider then uses this internet access to provide you with access to its secure VPN server. Normally, when you go online you are connected to websites by your ISP and the information that you view can also be viewed by your ISP. However, with a VPN server, you will be connecting to the VPN server using an encrypted connection. All data that travels between the VPN server and your computer is therefore encrypted and can only be viewed by you and the VPN server.


What are the benefits of using a VPN?


There are many benefits that come with using a VPN, and this is something that is becoming more common amongst both business users and individuals. Some of the key benefits that using a reputable VPN service can provide include:


  • Increased privacy: You will be able to benefit from increased privacy as a result of your internet activities being hidden from your ISP, government, and other agencies when you use a VPN service.
  • Reducing issues with censorship: Using a VPN will enable you to reduce restrictions and censorship put into place by your ISP, government, and other agencies.
  • Being able to access more services: When you use a VPN server, you will be able to access sites that would normally be geographically restricted. This includes sites such as movie and entertainment sites that can only be accessed by people based on their location.
  • Protection from being hacked: A VPN service can protect your information and system from being hacked in the event that you are using public WiFi services. This means a higher level of protection for you.
  • The ability to download and transfer data safely and securely: You can benefit from a far higher degree of security and safety when it comes to sharing and transferring information when you use a VPN server. This is because of the data encryption that is used by these servers.
  • Increased security without sacrificing speed, reliability, and quality: Although there can be a drop in speed due to the encryption process, it is not generally a big problem for most. You can, therefore, enjoy the benefits of VPN servers without compromising on reliability and quality.
  • Keeping data away from prying eyes: Using a VPN will enable you to keep data away from those who should not be accessing it, enabling you to ensure that it is only seen by those it is meant for.


These are just some of the key benefits that come with using a VPN service, which is why this type of service has become increasingly popular.


VPN for business users


VPN services were originally designed for use by businesses and today these services are widely used by businesses around the world. Any business that has offices in a range of locations or has remote workers that need to access business files and data will find that using a VPN service can prove invaluable. The use of VPN services has become more popular amongst businesses due to changes in the way many larger companies work.


It is important for a business to be able to ensure security but also benefits from reliability and speed when it comes to sharing and accessing data. The increased privacy that the encrypted VPN server offers means that this can be achieved with ease. By using a VPN server, businesses can benefit from connecting remote users and sites together, which means that other employees can access information and data as necessary. However, because the information is encrypted it cannot be read by anyone that intercepts the data.


Many businesses these days have employees that work from home or from remote sites – even working while on the road. With VPN services, it is now possible for all workers to share information effectively and safely no matter where they are working from.


VPN for individuals


Although VPN was originally designed for businesses, there are many individuals that now use these servers. This is because VPN provides individuals with an extra layer of security, greater privacy, and even increased access to sites that would otherwise be restricted.


For instance, some entertainment sites such as movie sites are restricted based on location. However, a VPN can make it possible for someone who would otherwise be unable to get onto these sites to access them with ease. Your IP address is also hidden and it appears as though you are using the VPN server’s IP address. This makes it look as though you are located in the same country as the server, which takes off restrictions to these geographically restricted sites.


Using a VPN service is also ideal for those that do not want their ISP, government, or other agencies to track the sites that they are visiting or monitor their internet activities. The encrypted information is only available to you and the VPN server, so you have that valuable extra layer of privacy and security.


As you can see, the way in which VPN services work and the benefits that they can provide have proven advantageous to many businesses and individuals. However, it is worth bearing in mind that using a VPN server could result in slower internet speeds. This is because of the data encryption process, which requires a greater level of processing power. That said, the slowdown in speed is not generally all that noticeable and for many, it is well worth a slightly slower speed in order to benefit from more privacy and security. In order to benefit from the greatest performance in terms of speed when using a VPN server, it is best to choose one that is closest to the site or service you want to access and as close as possible to your own location. This will help to ensure you get the benefits of VPN services without having to experience a noticeable slowdown.


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