The Possibilities of VPN

The Possibilities of VPN

Over recent years, technology has come a long way giving both businesses and individuals far more choice when it comes to the services and technology that they use. The internet has become a big part of our day to day lives and is used by businesses and individuals the world over on a daily basis and for a variety of purposes.


In the past, people connected to websites online via their Internet Service Provider or ISP – and many still do this. However, we now have access to Virtual Private Networks or VPNs, which provides us with another option when it comes to connecting to websites and browsing the internet.


Access to VPN services has increased the possibilities hugely for anyone that uses the internet because of the wide range of benefits and features that VPNs can provide. These services are now used by many individuals for personal use as well as for a wide range of businesses around the globe.


Why have VPN services become more popular over recent years?


The key reason why VPNs have become increasingly popular amongst businesses and private users is that they are able to offer a far higher degree of privacy and security than browsing and connecting to sites through a regular Internet Service Provider. Over the years, people have become more and more security conscious when it comes to going online and with so much cyber-crime, monitoring and tracking around these days, many are keen to take steps to protect themselves.


This is something that a good VPN service can do admirably, as the data is all encrypted. This means that data can be transferred safely and securely as well as ensuring that others are not able to snoop on your internet activities. VPN services are also very affordable and there are servers located in countries all around the world, giving users even greater possibilities when it comes to going online.


A VPN is not a replacement for your Internet Service Provider, as you still need an ISP in order to connect to the internet as a whole. However, once you are online and you want to connect to websites, the connection will be made through the VPN server rather than through your ISP. This means that once you start browsing and going onto websites, you can benefit from the increased privacy and security that comes from being connected to the VPN server rather than through your ISP.


What are the possibilities for businesses?


The use of VPNs has increased amongst businesses over the past few years, and this is because VPN provides businesses of all sizes with greater possibilities when it comes to safety and remote working. As we have seen, a growing number of businesses now have remote workers thanks to advancements in mobile technology. Providing safe and reliable access to data to remote workers is just one of the ways in which businesses can benefit from using a VPN. Some of the key benefits and possibilities include:


  • Safe data transfers: The last thing a business can afford to do is have important data and information falling into the wrong hands. With the privacy and encryption that a VPN offers, businesses can benefit from safe and secure data transfers to other employees


  • Access for remote workers: If you have a business that uses remote workers, you can ensure that they have safe and secure access to data even when on the road with the use of a VPN


  • Site to site secure data transfers and access: Even if you do not have remote workers, you may have a number of offices in various locations. If this is the case, you can benefit from site-to-site access so that data can flow seamlessly and securely between your different sites to provide access to all employees at those sites


These are amongst the main benefits for businesses, and with security being such as major factor for businesses it has helped to make VPNs a popular choice. Businesses will still be able to benefit from reliability, quality, and speed when it comes to accessing the internet and transferring data but with the added benefit of greater security and privacy.


What are the possibilities for individuals?


More individuals are also turning to VPNs as a means to connecting to websites and browsing the internet. Again, this is down to a desire to maintain greater privacy and security levels but VPNs also offer some added bonuses. Many experts in the industry are recommending that consumers now sign up to a VPN in order to protect themselves, their internet activities, and their data when online. The use of a VPN service provides individuals with a range of valuable benefits and possibilities, which includes:


  • Enhanced privacy: When you go online and visit websites, your internet activities can be seen and used by your Internet Service Provider as well as other agencies. This could include government agencies, schools, employers, and more. However, if you are using a VPN, this information can only be seen by you and your VPN server. Although your ISP will know that you are connecting via a VPN there will be no way to track and monitor which sites you are visiting or your online activities


  • Accessing restricted sites: There are many sites, such as movie and entertainment sites, that are restricted to people in certain locations or countries. This means that if you are not connecting to the internet from the location in question you cannot access the site. However, with a VPN your IP address is hidden and you appear to be logged on via the VPN server IP address. This means that you will come across as being located in the same location/country as the server, which will then enable you to access these geographically restricted sites


  • Higher security levels: Most of us have concerns about how secure our information is when we go online, particularly in this day and age when more and more sophisticated methods are being used by those hoping to gain information. With the use of a VPN, you can look forward to higher security levels as a result of your data being encrypted, so you can enjoy greater peace of mind when you are online. Learn more about Yahoo Security issues here.


As you can see, VPN services are also able to provide individuals with more possibilities when it comes to going online. The servers can be used on both home PCs and on mobile devices, which means that these benefits can be enjoyed no matter which device you are using to go online and connect to websites.


It is likely that the popularity and use of VPNs will continue to increase amongst both businesses and individuals over the coming years. The choice of VPNs continues to grow, which makes it easier for those interested in using this type of service to find a provider that suits both their needs and their budget. The affordability of these services coupled with the benefits that VPN can provide will also help to ensure continued popularity. In short, VPNs open up many new possibilities for those who use the internet, whether for work or for personal reasons.



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