Yahoo Security Issues

For the past four years, Yahoo has suffered major blows as hackers have breached its security wars, something that has affected its market value. Hackers developed ways of getting into users accounts without having to change passwords by simply creating fake cookies that allow them seamless entry into the accounts of users. Hacking into the 1 billion users of Yahoo led to the loss of client information which translated into billions of dollars. Thus, current and new customers of Yahoo should be wary of the following security issues.




Since all accounts are secured by passwords, it is important to all users of Yahoo mail too frequently change their passwords to avoid compromising of their accounts in case of an attack. Besides, when creating a password, it is important to avoid making something undeniable and predictable as it will lead to further compromising of the account even without the threat of sophisticated hackers.

Additionally, Yahoo is facing out the use of security questions and introducing account key service where users can verify their accounts through their smart phones. Besides, the account key service is necessary on how to delete yahoo account as it prevents unauthorized persons from not only accessing Yahoo accounts but deleting them. Finally, Yahoo cautions users from using the same passwords on different sites. That makes it easier for hackers to move from one account to another without spending lots of time cracking the passwords.




Step Two Verification

When using Yahoo it is important you take the security of your account to the next level as password are occasionally flawed but step two verification secures your account. When updating your security details, you will be asked whether you want to update your step two verification, which involves backing up your account security to your phone and other email address. Essentially, whenever you want to access your account from a new device, Yahoo sends a text to your phone with a unique code which helps in further verification of your account. Also, step two verification, helps you verify your account when you have forgotten your password. Though the process could tedious, it is worth the security of your personal information.



Always Check Your Account

While this appears as an open statement, it is important that you consistently check your account to avoid dormancy. Secondly, check for emails from unknown sources and avoid opening them or clicking on any links that come with such emails. It is important you go through all emails and check whether someone has tried accessing your account as Yahoo will notify you through an email. Additionally, check for emails in your sent folder and check for any emails you did not send. Checking on the spam folder is equally important and block spam emails.

Always remember to check for recent security updates from you to ensure you are fully compliant. Besides, ensure consistent changing of your passwords and avoid sharing your password with anyone.

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